Analytics Ci Cautious Fund of Funds
Asset Allocation

Risk profile*


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Fund classification

Domestic - asset allocation - prudential low equity

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performance target

Inflation (CPI) over rolling 3 - 5 years

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Long-term target
asset allocation

Equities: 20% (maximum 40%)
Bonds: 15%
Listed property: 5%
Money market 45%

International: maximum permissible

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Fund description

  • Aims to provide moderate levels of capital growth and a reasonable amount of income.
  • Will invest primarily in money market and bond funds with a low holding in equities and listed property.
  • Capital preservation with low levels of investment volatility is paramount.
  • The probability of capital loss over the medium to long-term (3-5 years) should be low.
  • The allocation across asset categories (equities, listed property, bonds and money market) is actively managed and altered according to market conditions.
  • The fund is managed within prudential guidelines and is suitable for retirement fund investors (Regulation 28 compliant).

* Risk is generally defined as the volatility in returns over a certain period or it can be viewed as the extent of possible capital losses in periods of market volatility and uncertainty.